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Hergom - Estufas, hogares y chimeneas de hierro fundido para leña y gas.

Stilkamin L

The Stilkamin L and XL offer larger firebox areas for bigger heater capacities and flame viewing. Plus, both versions are ready for a perfect installation thanks to their adjustable levelling legs.


Steel jacket with hot air outlets to drive hot air to other areas in the house.

Ceramic pannels and baflfe for increased efficiency and maximum heat within the firebox.

Vertical sliding door.

Sideways opening door for a convenient glass cleaning.

"Airwash" window cleaning system.

Controllable primary and secondary air intake.

Removable ash pan.

Air intake for natural or forced convection (with optional blower).

Structure Steel
Firebox sides and back
Refractory brick
Firebox bottom
Cast iron
Door opening
Sliding ans sideways
Primary air
Exterior regulation
Secondary air
Exterior regulation
Ash Pan
Maximum heat output 20 Kw/h
Flue pipe
250 mm
Efficiency 76%
Weight 268

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