Gas advantages

Enjoy the beauty of fire and the warmth of the flames with the efficiency and convenience of gas.

Gas advantages

If you live in the city without easy access to firewood, or in an apartment with no room to store it, or restrictions for the installation, you can now enjoy the fire where you cannot install a traditional fireplace.


With its clean, simple lines, the MG range of fireplaces is designed to be fully integrated into your wall. 

Its special design that does not show a visible framework, offers the feel of an open fire with the performance of a sealed fireplace, which can also be installed with a frame or surround. This fire is suitable for any type of interior, modern or classic, to meet all decoration demands.


All Hergóm gas fireplaces use an airtight, direct vent combustion. Through a coaxial pipe, clean air for combustion is collected from outside the house, keeping a fresh environment and allowing an easy installation in homes that do not have a chimney connection to the roof. Every Hergóm gas fireplace is manufactured under the strictest security measures, in accordance with the European standard and the EC brand.


Heat is fully adjustable, controlled by a thermostat. Set the desired temperature on the control panel or wall thermostat, and the fireplace will maintain a stable and constant temperature, just as a boiler. All MG homes come with a remote control for additional convenience.

Easy installation

MG fireplaces include all installation systems and adjustable levelling legs for an easy placement. Grills for hot air convection are included.