Pellets advantages

Pellet heating is affordable and environment friendly.

Pellets advantages

Hergóm pellet stoves allow to reduce heating costs, substituting fossil fuels such as gas or oil for a local, abundant and sustainable source

Maximum comfort

Hergóm pellet stoves offer the pleasure of wood stoves plus an extra convenience. Just press the start button or select the ignition time and the desired temperature to get the stove started.

A single load of pellets allows for hours of continuous burn. The automatic fuel feed, controlled by an onboard electronic system, adjusts itself through a thermostat to offer the right amount of heat.

The advanced control system of your Hergóm pellet stove guarantees your safety and an optimal use of energy. The performance of your pellet stove is constantly monitored. Hergóm pellet stoves allow for several programming modes, thermostat and fuel management. Once the program is set, stoves adjust automatically to give you the desired heat at any moment.


Hergóm boasts a wide range of stoves to meet most needs regarding heat output and heat distribution: room convection heat, channeled air convection or central heating connected to radiators

Maximum resilience

Hergóm pellet stoves are built in high quality steel and cast iron, which guarantees their durability and long working life.